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Hallow Haven Society & Briar-Thorne


Hey  Everyone,

I know you will be excited when you read my debut novel Entrapment the first installment in the Valhalla Legacy series. So I have a treat for you here is Hollow Haven Society Dorms and the brother school of VPS, Briar-Thorne Academy.
 Hallow Haven Society
Hallow Haven Society.gifHallow Haven Society Dorms
Briar-Thorne Academy



It’s Bloggin’ Time Where Spaz It Out or Flaunt It!  I dare say Embrace It! Is my mantra!! Get The Latest! From Encouragement to what I think of the latest books I am reading to places I wish to travel to what I think of the latest trends I’m working on to fashion!! To Love Is To Read My Lovely People! Explore a new world Diving Into A Great Book!!

I know you can’t wait until Entrapment comes out I know you are going to love it. I will be posting some pictures soon of the cover and my supporters. Until then be on the look out for my anthology Rhythm of the Garden!!

Thank You,