Thriving Warrior

Hello Lovely People,
This post is to inspire and uplift those in despair and discouraged right now I want you to know you are a Conqueror! Don’t accept defeat! The situation may look and appear to be very bad right now! Don’t give up!  Dry your tears! It is only temporary the situation and issues you are facing. The one thing to remember no matter how many times you fall or obstacles that come before you.. you must have courage,  and  find the strength within to always rise. Achieving your dream is not a sprint it’s a marathon just like life. Have courage and strength to overome all that  is before you. Say this when you feel like giving up “I will surpass my greatest fears!! They are my stepping stones too achieving!! Success! I have to keep pushing forward.  The Best of Me is yet to come I will NOT accept Defeat! If no one else is in my corner I  know that God is & that is all that matters.” I am also in your corner rooting for you every step of the way!! Believe and have faith that you can achive all your dreams!!  Believe that it is already done and the storm you  are in will clear soon. Let no one stop your dreams or take your smile or steal your joy. Pray and live right!  Do right by other and yourself. Keep striving for your Dream! Success  is on the horizon! Victory Is Yours!!!  You are  a Conqueror! A warrior that overcame it all! Belive this everyday and work towards it & It is obtainable.

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