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The Glam Squad

Hey My Lovely People,
I hope you are having a blessed day? You are good if not it will get better :-)! Do I have a treat for you I would like you to meet The leading ladies of Entrapment. The Glam Squad is here.
P.S. **Book Trailer for Entrapment Coming Soon**
❤ R

Setting The Stage

Hello Lovely People,
I have updates on my current book project ‘Pages Of An Hourglass’!!! I drafted a map of the setting this is the second draft. Most of it if not all my fictional project I give great detail to make sure my novel gets done with less blockage or holes as possible. I create character profiles I literally create a story background for the main charaters (heroines) and villians. The rest of the charcters I don’t I see what manifest as the story goes along. The setting and plot is of utmost importance when building a story. If I am creating a whole new world from scratch I prefer to create a map. So I will now give you ‘Pages Of An Hourglass’ setting drafted map the second before the final blueprint. More updates coming soon!
🙂 ❤


Announcing New 2015-2017 Line Up!

Hello Lovely People,
I would like to share with you the expected time and dates of  my upcoming books. I hope you will enjoy them.

Eden’s Journey  Winter 2016 *eBook Freebie*

The Blind Knight: An Amarah Chronicles Prequel Winter 2016 *eBook Freebie*

Eclipse Of The Deep  Winter 2016 *eBook Freebie*

My Falling Stars  Coming Soon *eBook Freebie*

Pages Of An Hourglass  Spring 2016

Tangled Web of Deceit Spring  2016

Valhalla Legacy Book 1: Entrapment (Expanded Edition) Summer 2016

Valhalla Legacy Book 2: Trials Of The Lost Summer 2016

**New Series Book 1: The Amarah Chronicles** Fall 2016

Valhalla Legacy Book 3: The Age Of Chaos Winter 2017

*Amongst The Dead* Title is subject to change Winter


The Amarah Chronicles Book 2: Spring 2017

*** New Series*** Princess Spy Academy Book 1

*****Please Note Dates Are Subject To Change*****

Also be on the look out for Novella Freebies. *eBooks*