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Is Thursday The New Friday?! Shout Out!


Bonjour Lovely people,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!! I have been so busy from work to school to working on the outline for POAH. I know I promised Thursdays was your day! Last Week I was thinking of making Friday Shout Out Day! for birthdays or whatever else. By the way ‘Pages Of An Hourglass’ Outline is finished. Yay!! 🙂 I also for this week only I giving a Shout Out to Janelle Fila for her review of Entrapment! For today is the new friday…lol 😉

My Favorite part of her review…

“…This story reminded me of a really cool girls’ version of Hogwarts. This was a kind of darker school with a lot of secrets that I couldn’t wait to discover, along with Sasha who seemed just as confused about her fate and future as I was. I liked learning about the school and the magic that was at hand as Sasha did, and I liked how the story was shrouded in mystery. Nothing was straightforward or as it seemed, which kept the tension high and kept me wanting to flip the pages to find out what happened next.” – Janelle Fila, Readers’ Favorite.

Check It Out!