Bonsoir Lovely People,

I hope everyone is doing well and having a great day!! It’s Bloggin’ Friday! Friday Is My Official Blog Day!

What are the views on teens having sex? Do you feel sex is a big deal? Why or Why Not? Tell Me Your Thought  On A Much Talked About Topic….

Hmmm…..well let’s see were do I began with such a loaded topic. The traditional  side of me feels that an individual shouldn’t have sex before marriage weather they are teenager or not. The reason I say this  is because sex is a very intimate thing and shouldn’t be done lightly. It was originally created for to show love between husband and wife(soul mates) in this life and reproduction to bring forth the next generation, train  them  good productive citizen of  society living out there purpose and having a life full of happiness and have the wisdom that is passed down generation to generation. Sex is one the many pleasures in life that can have very bad  consequences.  For example,  unprotected sex can lead to STDs, pregnancy, emotional instability, emotional intent behind it. However if you’re going to do it  anyway think before you act is the motto for this post.

 Young Ladies:

* There is not wrong with having a baby, but if you cannot take care of the baby  and you know their is a possibility that the father will not stay in the picture to help raise it and/ or you cannot raise it yourself  or that you may have to give up the baby for adoption then  you should not be laying down with a man with the intent to have a baby or with the full knowledge knowing very well that coming up pregnant is a possibility. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!  If you think that laying down with the guy will make him love you it will not.  If he didn’t love you before he will not love you after. If you think that having a baby you will get the love you want and need. Yes you  will bring a human being in this world that will love you, but love comes from within love yourself first. The Creator will always love you. Know that you are a person worthy of love and the Heavenly Father created you will love and purpose in mind. Condoms are not 100% & neither is birth control safe sex is no sex at least until you are absolutely sure and no that your partner has no STDs/AIDS and will only be committed to you and if he will not you are stable enough to take care of a child own your on and you have not caught anything from him. Don’t go around sleeping with guys to find love you will not find it there. Don’t act on a ‘feeling’ decisions that is irreversible and doesn’t could turn your life upside down. Educate your self in the decision before making it because the consequences effect your life and others.

Young Men:

*THINK BEFORE YOU ACT.  If you will not willing to commit to the woman/ young lady don’t have sex with her. If you cannot be head of house hold and/or equally stable with the intent you plan to sleep with her, do not have sex with her. If you know a woman is sleeping around yet you wanna shot at her to so you can be cool with the rest of fellas. Answer me this do you want to catch something from her. Are you responsible and stable enough on your own  to have a child?  Can you afford child support if you don’t want to stay with her and end up being required of you? Is your ego boost worth that much to you? What does sex mean to you? How do you really feel? Are you willing to make  a ‘gamble’ that may deal you a new set of  cards from the deck of life. Don’t Roll The Dice If You Can’t Play! Don’t act on a ‘feelings’/urges which leads to decisions that are irreversible and  could turn your life upside down. Educate your self in the decision before making it because the consequences effect your life and others.

Sex is not a game, but in today’s society it treated as such. Be prepared for life altering consequence. Read the fine print and the instruction manual carefully.




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