Rumor Mill On The Gossip Path To Bullying


Hello Gorgeous People,

I hope you are having a wonderful and beautiful day. I hope you are setting goals and going after them. Have faith and push forward with courage. I have going tackle a sensitive and enlightening topics today. Rumors, Gossip, and Bullying.

I don’t like bullying  I was bullied alot in my past and sometimes now in adulthood. That may be the reason I hate rude disrespectful people.  It is the main reason I want to own my my on business so I can be my own boss. I will not tolerate bullying from employees on one another or disrespectful  rude in the office or toward me for that matter. This rule will be above all others in whatever business I decide to open. I was even bullied by people who I thought were my friends that’s why I don’t trust people worth a grain of salt and these days you can’t afford to trust anyone completely. I fought every year up to seventh grade and I made a promise to myself I will not fight or result to violence unless absolutely necessary. I will use words to solve my battles. So,  far I haven’t  had to use violence except once or twice since then and I am 26 years old. Increasing your wisdom will take you farther than becoming a victim or spread rumors/gossips.

One thing it did help me with is book writing and becoming a stronger person. I had false rumors spread about me because they were either jealous or just didn’t like me. People that or being bullied ignore the bullies every misguided wrong that is turned toward you there is a thousand more turned toward them they are just using misdirection, so eyes will be on you instead of them. Remember  the problem is not with you its with them. I talk about the green eyes monster and  more in  the encouragement section of my book Rhythm of the Garden.

Victims: Ignore the false rumors you know who you are and what kind person you are. Bullies tend do thing because they can’t tackle their own inner turmoils so they attack someone they believe to be weaker than them. They fear you because you choose to be ok with who you are flaws and all and some people cannot handle that. For them it is to either be a follower or dominate others. You have the power within you to be brave in the face of adversity and move forward with courage you are stronger than you know the moment  it changes is when you give in and believe someone else’s false thoughts of you.

Bullies: Being a bully will not solve your problems. Find the cause of the real reason you are angry, bitter, jealous, fearful, or feel the need to dominate others. These are just symptoms of the real problem. Once you find the cause that will be the first step in a positive direction for your life because new peaceful solutions will begin to open up to you, so you want spread your negativity to others. You have the power within you to transform your being into a  decent humble human being.





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