Accessorizing! Attributes Of The Characters! The Essentials!


Hey Lovely People,

I hope everyone is enjoying there Friday! Today’s is for aspiring writers for books or screenplays! That need help with story and character development. I decided to give tips on writing that has helped me and that I have gathered for you!!

Above all else be creative!

     1. Setting & I.S. (Initial Scene) – Action!

  • Where do your character(s) exist?
  • Ex: My Story – Eden’s Journey: character Eden Everson: was born in Crescent Hills, Skiania. Planet: Saletheia.

   2. Become the Reporter! Paparazzi! W.W.W.W.W. H. ( Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How)

  • Schooling, Job, Purpose and Mini Bio. Biographies of your characters help you know your characters inside and out. Schooling and job can be included in this, but the purpose of the character depends on the grand scheme of the story. When you decide if you are writing a novella, novelette, novel, epic/ series. The purpose of each character can vary on which type of story or screenplay you are writing.
  • Ex: Eden’s Journey is Book 1 in  the Keepers of the Gates series. Each book will have a different main character. However the world is the same as well as some of the characters. It that a different part of the Salethia will be featured  and different country in the world will be the main setting. In EJ the MCs are Eden, Hanzi,Toph, Kai, Kat , and few Capitol characters. The minor characters are just important as major characters. whether its soldiers, royal guards, or rogue militia in the government planning a coup behind castle walls all are key to how your story will move forward. However, the main characters for each book in the series is a different gate keeper.

      3. Hero(s) & The Villain(s)

  • Make sure that the hero is clearly distinguished from your villain(s). Give them attitudes, habits, mannerisms, give them  a profile. Hobbies, favorite food, interests, favorite hangouts in the world you created. Who are that characters allies and enemies? Give them a past a detailed background. (Mini biographies are imperative and beneficial)
  • Supernatural/Fantasy/Paranormal Stories Only: Give your characters special abilities understand their abilities inside & out. Do some research for weapons, currency, and  supernatural creatures of the world you are creating.
  • Ex: Book l Valhalla Legacy – Entrapment all my main characters have profiles and mini bios. The villains that are crucial to driving the story have mini bios.
  • Book 2 Valhalla Legacy – Trials of the Lost: villain character: Ezra Kingston aka Bren backstory will play a major role in book 2. (Spoiler Alert!)

4. Define The Goal:

What goal(s) is your hero trying to reach? What will  be the  pitfalls that tries to to stop him/her from reaching the goal/mission?


 Entrapment: the hero(s) goal are to save the world and keep an apocalypse and time loop from coming by maintaining the harmony and balance of the world.

Eden’s Journey: Eden has a choice to make about her own fate and protecting the peace and a friend while trying to find the culprits behind the attacks and the uprising across Saletheia that could lead to a world war.


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