The Indie Way: A Perfect Cover


Hello Bonjour Lovely Readers,

Good Afternoon I hope all is having beautiful and wonderful Friday! I must apologize for missing last Friday!! Alot is going on and I have been under the weather at times. I keep moving forward! Thank You for your patience. To my fellow writers and aspiring writers two weeks ago I had shared some details on plots characters getting the next steps to getting your novel out line done I also gave a miniature blue-print that you can copy & past  to your word doc. You can modify to fit you.  I have not been a indie writer for long, but  I can show  and tell you things I am learning along the way. So, for the next couple of weeks I would like to share things I have learned along the way to my fellow writers. Each perspective is different and you learn from all of them. Today I decided to talk about the cover of your story or book. I think every author needs the perfect cover that fits.

Pre – Final Stages Leading To The Perfect Cover

Decide weather you want your book to be a freebie book. Decide which formats you want your book eBook, paperback, hardcover, or even audio books.

CreateSpace – Paperback (eBook (KDP)) & Lulu (eBook, paperback, & hardcover)

Audio Books – Learn More Here

I also believe that editing and interior formatting should be completed  FIRST before getting your cover completed. So when you are at the final round of edits I say that would be the best time you need to be working towards getting your cover done.  I give a week to two weeks in advance would be better for some so if problems  arise they have a decent time to be corrected. Flu/ winter season is not a great time for publishing book unless they are quick free eBooks. Books  that are light and that get you through the holiday season weather the editing, interior formatting,  and covers are good but can be completed in a decent amount time. You still give books to readers that love reading something good until your bigger literary works are finished.

For Eden’s Journey I will be doing Hardcover, and (free) eBook followed by a paperback.

Make sure you go with a cover designer that fits you and try to communicate regularly with editor and cover designer.

I am a firm believer in being loyal to cover designer that treats you well that’s why I love my cover designer of my first series Stephanie White of Steph’s Cover Designs. So with my big projects  and for bookmarks and banners I will go to her. For my small projects I  may choose different depending on the time and availability.   Keep all this mind when you go into your writing projects.

Below is a list of cover designers:


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