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What are the views on teens having sex? Do you feel sex is a big deal? Why or Why Not? Tell Me Your Thought  On A Much Talked About Topic….

Hmmm…..well let’s see were do I began with such a loaded topic. The traditional  side of me feels that an individual shouldn’t have sex before marriage weather they are teenager or not. The reason I say this  is because sex is a very intimate thing and shouldn’t be done lightly. It was originally created for to show love between husband and wife(soul mates) in this life and reproduction to bring forth the next generation, train  them  good productive citizen of  society living out there purpose and having a life full of happiness and have the wisdom that is passed down generation to generation. Sex is one the many pleasures in life that can have very bad  consequences.  For example,  unprotected sex can lead to STDs, pregnancy, emotional instability, emotional intent behind it. However if you’re going to do it  anyway think before you act is the motto for this post.

 Young Ladies:

* There is not wrong with having a baby, but if you cannot take care of the baby  and you know their is a possibility that the father will not stay in the picture to help raise it and/ or you cannot raise it yourself  or that you may have to give up the baby for adoption then  you should not be laying down with a man with the intent to have a baby or with the full knowledge knowing very well that coming up pregnant is a possibility. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!  If you think that laying down with the guy will make him love you it will not.  If he didn’t love you before he will not love you after. If you think that having a baby you will get the love you want and need. Yes you  will bring a human being in this world that will love you, but love comes from within love yourself first. The Creator will always love you. Know that you are a person worthy of love and the Heavenly Father created you will love and purpose in mind. Condoms are not 100% & neither is birth control safe sex is no sex at least until you are absolutely sure and no that your partner has no STDs/AIDS and will only be committed to you and if he will not you are stable enough to take care of a child own your on and you have not caught anything from him. Don’t go around sleeping with guys to find love you will not find it there. Don’t act on a ‘feeling’ decisions that is irreversible and doesn’t could turn your life upside down. Educate your self in the decision before making it because the consequences effect your life and others.

Young Men:

*THINK BEFORE YOU ACT.  If you will not willing to commit to the woman/ young lady don’t have sex with her. If you cannot be head of house hold and/or equally stable with the intent you plan to sleep with her, do not have sex with her. If you know a woman is sleeping around yet you wanna shot at her to so you can be cool with the rest of fellas. Answer me this do you want to catch something from her. Are you responsible and stable enough on your own  to have a child?  Can you afford child support if you don’t want to stay with her and end up being required of you? Is your ego boost worth that much to you? What does sex mean to you? How do you really feel? Are you willing to make  a ‘gamble’ that may deal you a new set of  cards from the deck of life. Don’t Roll The Dice If You Can’t Play! Don’t act on a ‘feelings’/urges which leads to decisions that are irreversible and  could turn your life upside down. Educate your self in the decision before making it because the consequences effect your life and others.

Sex is not a game, but in today’s society it treated as such. Be prepared for life altering consequence. Read the fine print and the instruction manual carefully.




Valentine’s Day Assault!

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Thank you  for patience I have a lot going but I made time for you. I have Valentine’s Day treat for you! It’s a work in progress, but I hope you enjoy Chapter 2 Assault ~ Eden’s Journey.





“Viper ascend to northwest side of the Skianian Palace leave open for my freefall.” I spoke into my silver wrist band that connects to my visen that tucked away in my submerged visen garage.  Visens are flying shiplike vehicle we have the hover cars, but they are way more expensive. Visen are great they are like your own personal plane, but better.

I dropped in my purplish black visen an the concave glass sealed me in and I strapped on my seat belt.

“Autopilot to Fangling Woods” It was a long ride. I pulled out the compact communicator I needed to call Kai and Toph

“Toph” I spoke to the communicator. Nothing happened. Weird. I looked at the small compact. I traced my hands over the vine carvings engraved on the outside. I opened the compact back up there was nothing seeming wrong with it I closed the dual purpose ore mir doesn’t looked scratched or tampered with, so maybe it just old I touch the mini key pad they are all working normally that is so odd.

“Viper reboot my ore mir on my compact communicator”

I placed my communicator on the small holding place that came out of the control area.

“You’re were bugged. I will debug re-secure your communicator.” The computer male voice spoke.”

I took it back

I entered my new code

“Toph” I spoke. Her face materialized in the ore mir.

“Where are you? Did you get the message I sent you before I was taken?”

“Yes I am are just beyond the boarder of Skiania 2 kilometers south of the capitol. Kai is on his way. I will be there in less than 7 minutes.” I told her before ending the call. I placed my compact in a hidden pocket in my jacket I made my way to the south side of the capitol. As I drew closer I saw another a black and yellow visen headed in the same direction as me. I the sun cast blarring in my line of sight I could barely see the passenger in the driver sit.

“Viper scan the visen to our left and give me a shot of them” the image came within seconds. I know that profile anywhere Kai. I should have known the visen colors should have been the dead giveaway he’s in the Stinger.

“Lock On – Signal Com. Initiate communication with Stinger visen. Kai when you pick up Toph head to Ashon forest. I know some people there we need to make a stop I need fill you guys in on what’s happening at the capitol before we go any farther.”

“You are finally thinking like a strategist I see” he mused. Kai can be such a butthead sometimes I thought smiling to myself. I don’t always go off on crazy adventures or in my case mischief with no backup plan.

I headed east toward Ashon’s forest the sky serpents territory. I push RV button. The hologram of my rearview surrounds where display no one seems to be chasing behind which she stalled them. I went full speed to meet them.


I descended at the entrance of Ashon forest.

“Initiate invisibility mode” I told my visen. I hopped out of my visen. The air grew thicker as I went deeper into the forest the fog was dense so I could still see, but the sun was setting. I hope they make it.  It will be dark soon. In Ashton the closer it is to nightfall the fogger it gets.  I pulled out my compact communicator. I dialed for Toph, they should be together

“Toph where are you and Kai located?” I asked

“We are about a few minutes from the clearing turn on your light beam and we will meet you” she told me.

“That might be bad I will try something else.” I sat down at the base of a tree about a kilometer into the forest.  As  closed my eyes I inhaled in the air and some of the magic in the forest until I could feel the mana flowing though my whole body  and  I blew into my fingers and refocus my mana into my palms as the center of focal point. The threads released from my fingers I let blend with the soil in the ground channeling through the trees in front of me.  Gotcha!

My strands dissolves and I headed toward their location.

“Glad I found you guys” I said walking up to them.

“How did you find us so fast?” Kai asked

“Fog essence magic” I told her. It’s gotten dark we need to rest before we head to Montclair.

“Toph expand the perimeter and see if anyone is in listening range” I requested. She did a quick blink and her eyes glowed orangish yellow. She closed her eyes and when they open again they were back to golden amber.

“There is some werebeast not too far away, but just beyond ear shot they are closer to Moon Mountain in Dachain than they are to us, and there is a cabin that is not too far away but the people that inside is listening range” She informed us. That’s good the werebeast are in their territory and we have a resting spot with no eavesdroppers.

“So what so important you wanted to tell us that we had to sneak around in a cold damp forest that’s full of fog” Kai said as gave us fire as we sat down on some logs top provided for us. I looked over at him. I guess I can’t blame him for being a little mad he has always hated the cold.

I took a deep breath.

“After got caught today I decline his royal assness Prince Orion Solaris about my ruling I went to see the Ace. She told me our government is changing and fast. People are being killed, two factions called the Bellum of Shadows and the Shadow Militia seems to be causing trouble. They are trying to dismantle the peace between the countries and cause corruption in Saletheia. I know you guys can feel it.  The life force of magic is dying. Here is the kicker Alysia will be sacrificed to refuel the life force of magic. We cannot let the Ace be sacrificed I told her I will find out what is going on and put a stop to it. Are you guys with me?” I looked at them both searching their eyes for any sign of either wanting to turn back now then, but I saw is  not fear, but anger.

They looked at each other before turning to look at me.

“We are in.” They said in unison.

“Oh one more thing Alysia believes someone of high ranks is working with these rogue factions” Kia let a low whistle and Toph scowled

“You want us to go up against the people you just fled from!” she said in a low angry voice.

“What’s the problem you two or the most powerful mage and magi I know besides the Solaris family. I know a there were a few that that graduated with us from the academy, but you know I don’t associate with them and now that I’ve met the prince I can’t stand him either or trust him or his damn family.” I spat out to her.

“You’re going to have to let that incident with Astra go. It was a long time ago” She told me. I will not let that go because Astra is nothing but a spoil princess that takes pleasure in making people feel inferior to her. From what I gathered at family day when her parents came my assumption doesn’t seems that far of a stretch.

“Hmph. By the way we will have to leave our visen here for the time being we pick them up again when we head to Solara after we leave Montclair. So while we are here I will leave them with some acquaintances I informed them.

“So we meet back here in 5 minutes with your gear?” Kai asked I marked this spot so we can come back to the location.


The cabin was just up ahead not too far to go.  We arrived at the cabin I went to checked us in. There is a fire place sat off to near the left from the entrance I saw  three black cloaked figures with  staves lying next to each of them. White, Black, and Brown each representing a different level of magic. They looked suspicious but I disregarding the inkling feeling I had in the pit of my stomach and headed toward the check in.

“Hey stranger I haven’t seen you in these parts for a while. How long has it been?” Katniss Reinwood has changed a bit still slightly tall and built like an Amazonian curvy and fit in all the right places emerald green almond eyes but when she goes feral or get angry are glow yellow and become cat-like. She is a mix breed, fae and werebeast a bewitched combination. She claimed this upscale cabin as her own and turned it into an inn about 3 years ago.

She got into a bit of sticky situation a while back with some werebeast that wanted to claimed this as their territory and I stepped in to help her take them down. The fae decided to help the one time those two decided to agree is when it came to her because her heritage and what she is. I usually try not get involved in other people disputes, but something in me wouldn’t allow the prejudice and injustice.

“Yes it has been awhile” I said with a small smile.

“Kat, I need two rooms, make one a suit” The woman at the front desk told me.

She gave me the keys and I head toward Toph and Kai who I saw head to the veranda where dining could be inside or out. I went through to the double doors that lead to the dining area. It looked like a double dome which means the barrier I asked Toph to put up that time is still in place.

The cabin is mostly made of wood and dark red brick. The exit to the veranda is walled by wood and glass and cover in dome like shaped and protective seals goes up over the whole cabin when she closes down check-in for that day.


“So how is she doing?” Toph asked

“She’s doing fine and she hasn’t been bothered lately” I informed her.

“Well you might want to ask again later because the barrier has weakened…Kai and I will strengthen it again before we leave.” Toph offered.

I went to the arch doors and walked out on to the balcony and leaned over the railing looking at the clouds sashay across the moonlit sky. I closed my eyes taking in the gentle breeze. I could feel someone’s eyes staring at me through the woods, but I couldn’t get a look at the man except his clothing was not of Skiania or Ashon. Gypsy or pirate maybe. When the figure caught me looking he took off into the forest.

I gave them there keys and we headed to our rooms                                                                        .

The place closed for the night. I laid in awake I felt small tremors. I looked out the window in my room I saw nothing I went to corner room and at the end of the hall way.

I knocked…

“Did you guys feel anything” Kai opened the door as Toph walked to the door.

“Oh we felt it…it woke me” she mumbled. She a hard sleeper so if something wakes her up on the first time it unusual.

“I will be right back I am about to go check on Kat” They nodded.

I ran to Kats room. I knocked there was no answer. Stepped over the cracks as I descended down the stairs into the darkness. I weaved a sphere that looked like a ball of yarn in my hand that glowed so I would have a flash light.

I called out to her in the darkness.

“Kat, kat, kat,” a few minutes passed as I navigated through the darkness

“I am here. I had to go to the cellar to get some weapons” I did remember her having an arsenal of weapons concealed behind a hidden wall in the wine cellar.

“What is going on Kat?” I asked her.

“Things are changing and powers are at play and I don’t plan to go down without a fight. I fear a war is coming to Skiania and I plan to be ready.” She told me. I have been dealing with a lot so I tend to stay out of the politics of Saletheia. If what Alysia said is true the worst is yet to come. I cannot do anything without a plan or course of action. I needed information.

“Kat what has been going on since I last left” I asked. I know it’s been awhile…after I left the academy and the incident 5 years ago. I didn’t really look back…I left the past behind me until she needed my help two years ago.

She gave me a sly smile “While you were playing lady Robin Hood, don’t think I haven’t heard the stories, some serious issues arose.  Towns are being slaughter, swallowed up, burned to the ground, attacked, left with no food, water, or magic just disappear from people…of a town entirely. It’s getting worse. Lately my inn has been getting a series of small attacks, but its escalating and my defense shield is almost down” She told me.

“Do you know anything about a group of people called the Bellum of Shadows or the Shadow Militia?” I asked her. Her expression went dark before she spoke.

“Yes, Bellum of Shadows they travel across all of Saletheia and they are behind most if not all the attacks and they never stay in one place for too long.  Or so I’ve heard. They want to control the magic that flows through Saletheia and the biggest source of power is the Ace after coronation.” Who are the Bellum of Shadows? What will happen to Alysia? She’s in danger. What happening to Saletheia? Is what Alysia said true? What about the Shadow Militia? Who are they how do they fit into all this? Time is of the essence so all my questions can’t be answered at the moment.

“What about the Shadow Militia?” I asked

“Oh they are alright.” She looked mischievously holding back a laugh.

“Lets’ just say…if you are lady Robin Hood they are your merry men. I will say this though they don’t like monarchy…style of government. As you may know many of the places in Saletheia have a monarch the Pirates, Gypsies, Pegasonians, A’ lecornians, Weavers, and the Faele,but their style of monarch is a bit complex. The Shadow Militia wants a democracy for Saletheia.”

I agree the monarchy is problematic to a certain extent. I didn’t even want to be crowned the Ace. So, peacefully eradicating the monarchy style is fine by me, but leaving destruction in its quake to destroy our supreme source of stability is another issue that must stopped by any means necessary.

“Is there anything I should look for?” I asked her. She cut her eyes at me while grabbing the last of weapons. I noticed the symbols on the guns my eyes widened. How did she come across those? The Rosary has a golden rose engraved wrapped around the hilt it kills fae,  Arcana has web rune that was in different colors it kills weavers, but can change into a wand rune engraving and kill magicians, Eterna it had the infinity symbol with fangs coming out of the loops at the hilt. The spellslingers Special Class – C of the ARC Special Spellslingers Colt Collection there are only three in Special Class – A and three in Special Class – R as well.  The ARCs is a total of 9 special guns designed to kill supernatural beings. They are part of the most feared and coveted weapons and she has one third of them in her arsenal. They can kill all supernatural creatures.

“How did you acquire the SC Colts of the ARCs?” I asked her. She raised an eyebrow at me.

“How do you think? How I usually get my weapons I barter or go to the creator if I want specific weapons. Stop giving me that face like I done awaken a ghost that should have let stay dead” when she finally turned to fully face me and when she finished. They are hard to get a hold of they should have been long gone sealed away after their last user destroyed nearly half of Saletheia. She waking old ghost. That still doesn’t explain why she has them. Because with her power, Kai, Toph, and mine we can take whoever comes to this inn.

“Why do you need them?” I pressed.

“I’ve heard chatter that 3 of the officials are working with the Bellum of Shadows. The Faerie Queen Amaris Summerchime, The bloodsucker Master Vampire Emery Codogan, and your cousin Urorah Springs whose on the weavers high council, and they have rallied some their kind to their coup.” She explained as she was suiting up she look an assassin ready to slay as she tucked the hidden knife pocket in her boots. Her leather pants and belt that held two 007A.I Buster Gun becomes whatever weapon needs the wielder needs there only 12 in the world and she has two. I see she has acquired many unique weapons since I last seen her. She finished off her look with a black clock purple armor and that cover her chest and wrist armory that went to her elbows.

“Is there anything else about either I should know about?” I asked.

“Yes…wait you are going after them?”

“Yeah I have no choice it’s me…us or them. Someone very important to me life’s hangs in the balance and at the moment I have decided to not be the next Ace, and since some decided to interfere with the current Ace life and my future. I plan to nip this in the bud fast, but smart.” She looked me up and down.

“Who are you and what have you done with Eden?…you can’t possibly go up against these factions. I mean you are good in combat and all, but these factions are a mixed bunch you don’t know who they are and what you’re going up against. Are you sure you want to do this?” I looked at her I appreciate her caring but it must be done.

“Yes, and I am not alone I have Toph and Kai with me. You mind lending me one or two of your weapons?” I responded to her

“Yeah, Toph and Kai can to…you are going to need it. After I tie things up here. I will leave for about two weeks if you need to stop by or contact me use the messenger not the communicator and I would suggest you do that from now own because your com has trace magic embedded in it” she told me as she prepared to defend her inn.  They must have embedded it when I was captured.

“I need to go tell the other guest they are free to leave if they so choose” I nodded at her

“I will stay here and patrol until you get back”. She nodded before moving she doesn’t have wings…but she will get them she just doesn’t know it yet.

Seal was breaking. A Surge….the barrier broke. The seal is down the glass was breaking.  glass flew everywhere gave some minor cuts a big chunk of glassed head straight for my face if it hadn’t froze and dropped to ground. Where did that come from? Toph nor Kai can freeze time far as I know. I searched the room but could see anyone. I moved back I didn’t know how long that freeze would last I moved back enough, so I wouldn’t get cut by the glass and forest debris that came in. I saw a shadow move from the corner of my eye just left of me from the small corridor between the side door between the bar and the restrooms. Chill ran down my face because I’d had an inkling feeling of who was around the corner. My senses heighted.

“Come out! I know you are there.”

The person that has been watching from the woods since we got here. Slowly stepped out from between the corridor.

The Pirate. The Gypsy.



On The Run

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First and foremost congradulations are in order! Congrats Shanell Stephens for winning the holiday giveaway on goodreads. I have a special holiday treat for you …drum roll….full first draft of  Chapter 1 – On The Run of  Eden’s Journey. It’s a work in progress I hope you all enjoy. Tell me what you think….

Eden’s Journey


On the Run



Eden had always loved her rural small town Crescent Hills with its long loopy lakes and lush green valleys and hills in all of Skiania her home country. It was a place where she felt safe. Everything changed when she received the letter from the capitol to come to the palace of Skiania. She knew why…the elders wanted her. The elders are the highest ranking officials in Skiania. They make up the eight prominent races in the world Saletheia.

The Snakedragons, they are a gorgeous race in their human form some of their scales still show in beautiful patch of color on their body. They live in Qugral, and Wyvern. They govern the skies with the pegasonians. Lamians, they are the advanced human raced that escaped earth eons ago before it perished along with the Lamians. The Lamians used to require blood for their survival, but now they just require energy from humans but either will suffice. The earthians called them vampires.

The Adorans speed is not like the vampires, but they are still advanced humans they heal faster than normal some use telekinesis, telepathy, astral projection, they have super strength, and are highly intellectual beings many use mana a type of ancestral magick.  Highest ranking magical beings in Adorans are the Mage (female) and Magi (Male). The Adorans stay in Montclair, Othyian, Avalon, Skiania, and Solara. The faele is a race of faeries and elves they are a crafty bunch, but they are very sociable people. The live on Seelie Island in the Atlantyia Isles where most of the merfolk are. Caelums they are the winged human creatures but bigger in size they can see just fine they don’t have pupils though their eye color match their ability they are mostly elementals they are fastest flying race in all of Saletheia besides the snakedragons aka the serpents of the sky. They live the Grail Isles, Serenyia, Oscana, and Greiiadal.

Werebeasts are the fox and wolf race they live just beyond the Skiania boarder in Dachein Mountains in the Dachein forest but they live all over Saletheia, specifically Moon Mountain in Wachein, and Lunar Woods in Raffnor.Weavers are the enchanted race. Our abilities are unnatural.  Threads that forms webs from our palms or fingers since it’s hard to put our abilities in a specific category we are feared and respected by many of Saletheians, but not by all. Most weavers live in Skiania the country of providence in all of Saletheia.

The Pegasonians and Alecornians are horse like race that has two forms mammal (horse) and human form. The Pegasonians are winged horse people while the Alecornians are horse people with a horn sticking out the top of their heads usually the horns are silver, black, gold, or white. They stay in the St. A’ Laconia Forest in the Aurora Mountains behind a rushing waterfall, usually they can teleport and see into dreams and the psyche of any race.

Those with unique ability are given the highest position as a deity ruler or advisor to oversee a specific nation or all nations. If they can see the future, past, and present also known as the divine seer or they can read the stars or in my case weave lives or destinies. I only interpret what I weave and its unpredictable, but one of the elders an Alecornian can read the powers of any race. I was the first of my people that my abilities did not manifest until age 3. Most races you know there ability by age 1 if they happen to have one. Well when the Alecornian, Auris told them something they didn’t believe could be possible a weaver with more than one ability is extremely rare.

A weaver that could read the stars and weave the fate of others is what Auris could tell what my abilities was shaping up to be. By age 5 they kept a watchful eye on me. My` parents took pride in this they wanted me trained and prepared for whatever lies ahead. Soon after that things in my life began to change.


Whispers began to spread of the girl with purple eyes from the Everson family. My mom Belira dad Urwyn, older sister, Briyea and my younger brother Aiden have greenish gold eyes they glowed green when they use their powers. Mine are purplish with a hint of gold. We or should I say I  had no peace I got picked on at school ‘you think you are so special’, the words they chanted over and over again ever damn day. I was either feared or hated. I only had one friend Iriedessa I called her Irie for short, but she betrayed me. That all changed when I met Kai and Toph at Imperial Academy I vowed never to trust no one again. When I was about 12 my parents decided it was time to send me to Imperial Academy a boarding school where the best and brightest of Saletheia went to school about a little more than half had special abilities.


      They were closing in fast I needed a place to stay, and I am limited on options.  I knew there was two I could call if I really needed anything. Looking out the window to see the numbers…a couple of soldiers and two royal guards were just beyond the mountains. Scrambling to the drawers.  I grabbed my sheath belt, daggers.  I was suited up whited hooded cloak, black pants, purple tank and black boots. I finished pack my things. Packed some of my small weapons into inner pockets of my clothing and boots. They will be hear by next day break if not sooner.

I can’t use the portals right now they have been inaccessible for the past 3 days. I couldn’t reach Kai at the moment, so Toph was my best bet to stay until I can cross the border into Montclair.

“Toph can I stay at your place until I can make other arrangements”

Before I could hear a reply I was grabbed,

“You’re coming with us” I looked up giving a half smiled to the soldier. While the others searched for others to see if someone was here besides me.

“No”, as I elbowed him in the ribs he released his hands off of me. He took a swing and miss I took that opportunity give him a round kick and sent him pumbling to the ground.

“I am not” I finished.  One guard came at me from behind and pinned me down, while the other cuffed my face.

“Come with us quietly or by force your choice” the guard told me while still holding my face as I sneered up at him.


The capitol is in Varcopas city just west of the Skiania palace. It looks different than I remembered it. I could see one of the sky kingdoms just east of here. It looked to belong to the Pegasonians the winged horse crested symbol at the center of the purple triangular medieval shaped flags that are orange borders that are at the peak of the highest peaks of the castle that hovered in the sky you could barely make out the castle with the foggy clouds disguising the whole kingdom, but the flags stood out.

As I looked down around Skiania it was still big Skiria mountains that was just beyond Skiania boarder brought in a windy chill from the north. Thus, making my ride in the visen a little turbulent. As we circled around Skiania before landing I could see at the front gates the doors of the palace steps someone …-they were expecting us.

We descended to the visen air strip. One of the guards opened the door for me. The soldiers pulled up shortly on by the other visen.

They guided me inside the palace.

“This way Ms. Everson” two guards and a soldier in front of me two soldier on my sides and one guard and two soldiers behind the lead guards in front navigated us through the palace down the long corridor until we came upon the  double doored room. I have never seen the full scope of the palace and don’t want to with, but I couldn’t help but feel I have been here before. The room looks different though. It has a long oval table. The 4 elongated chairs on each of the longs side and one each at opposite ends of the table.  This must be their meeting place.

“Please have a seat” the guard said. One of the other guards whispers something to him, and then he left with a couple of the other guards.

A few moments later someone I never seen before entered the room. He was tall lean and muscular with golden hazel eyes and dark brown hair he was devilishly handsome.  He sat in one the chairs on the end I got up and moved to the chair opposite the beautiful specimen.

He looked at me with an amused as expression before saying

“I hear that you gave my men trouble”

“Who might you be?”

“My apologies I am Prince Orion” I gapped at him. I blinked in astonishment.

So this is the legendary son of Queen Corona & King Aquila Solaris the most powerful elemental mage and magi Adorans in the history of Skiania. He is the only person that control all five elements water, fire, air, stone, and lighting. Not surprising consider Queen Corona controls water and stone and King Aquila controls fire and air both of them have control over lighting.

You could look at the planet Saletheia as a new earth. It has similar characteristic, but is advance and evolved and is infused with technology and magick (the oldest form of magic there is). Think of magic as oil and water for us. We needed it not of but many need one or the other or both. Our water is not limited the magic however is limited. In the last millennia magic has been depleting.

Elemental magic such as ancient magic wielders like Orion are rare and needed they are the most influential and powerful I detest them because while they are respected…these Adorans for their power  and magic they are not fear or detested by many while the weavers are. I know I should not feel this way but I do.

“A Solaris… I see hmmm” I cut my eyes at him and looked away out the window. Him pecking my interest has ceased.

“We requested you hear because you have been chosen to be the next ruler of Saletheia.”

I smiled to myself as the suns gleams down through the window warming my face I placed my arms the table and letting my  right arm rest on my chin rest on the back of my hand. My eyes flickered in his direction with a subtle ferocious glare.

“Your royal highness I refused when you requested. Now after I am being dragged to the palace against my will and you expect me say yes and accept to become the next ruler. Oh sure I will be your royal highness over my dead body or when pigs fly. You people are really testing my patience.”

He glared at me “You insolent woman do you plan to dismantle our government? Why do you denounce such a position that anyone would be honored to have.”

Well that was a loaded question. I originally considered but when our Ace Regent Alysia Rhyannon came to the graduating ceremony at Emperial Academy pulled me aside and told me what is going on  and she now used as a catalyst  for the government issues more like a sacrificial piece if the magic to increase the power collective in our government.

“Simply put I am no one’s sacrifice, but my own and when my friends need me.” I said glowering at him.

“Duties must always be put first” Prince Orion stated

“But at what cost my freedom, my very existence, my life…I refuse to be a pawn for the capitol or the final trump card for the magical community life source of magic. So if you will excuse me I got places to go people to see.”

Prince Orion can be stunned into silence…nice.

I got up and headed for the doors.

“Halt. You cannot leave.”

“Oh, but I can the capitol doesn’t have any reason to keep me here and I just formally declined the position.” I curtly responded

“I will look into the matter about the deity ruler being a sacrifice, but you are to be next ruler.”

“You can’t force me, but I will however go see someone before I leave the capitol” I slammed the door behind me.


I hope she still has the same room it’s on the other end of the palace.

I went down stairs and took the long corridor that connected east wing to the north wing. She should be on the third floor. I see that there are two guards guarding her door.

“You can let her in” Alysia commanded

She looked pale and she looked like one of the undead except they looked beautiful she looked sickly.

“How are you feeling?” I asked

“I’m holding on as long as I can I sent you a message 3 days ago. Why are just now coming?” She asked. I reached in the hidden sleeve pocket to get my communicator. It the most advance ore mirror it looks like a cosmetic compact, but it can be used as a communicator and leave message just the cell phones in the 21century on planet earth, but its live chat streaming feed and hologram all in one.

“I looked at my compact communicator” saying as I glanced at her.

“Why did you send it encoded embedded with magic” I swear she like a female version of Sherlock Holmes. She is more suspicious of people than I am and that’s a compliment.

“I did that in case the phone was tapped and it was urgent” she expressed as she glanced up at me.

“Well I was on the run when I got word that strange things was going on near the castle and inside the palace. I was making a run for it but they caught me before I could set foot out of my house.”  I told her it couldn’t be helped not with the things as they are now. I will not be a lamb led to the slaughter. I rather be a prepared runaway lamb. That can come back when she’s prepared.

“You made the right decision leaving, but you still should told replied to my message. They are starting the sacrifice ritual in 7 moons time and people are slaughtered by the dozen and rebel faction are increasing to dismantle the capitol because they hold them responsible for the havoc.” Alysia told me in a very hushed tone.

“See this is why I need to hurry they may head this way I told them I was seeing someone before I left. I left their meeting room abruptly with a passive aggressive decline” I explained to her. Alysia eyes slitely widen at that last bit.

“Not good. Some of the representatives don’t feel you are fit. While some of the others see the benefit and potential. They also know you are a very powerful weaver that could turn the tide of this impending war.”

She went on saying how I act on my own. Whatever they can take their little nonsense of tradition and shove it I thought to myself as I listen to her speak of their principals and the duties and etiquette they feel should be carried out by me. They feel entitled to force their ideals upon me.

“But here’s the thing I don’t think it is necessarily the capitol at fought as oppose to certain people in high positions who have turned the peace of our nation upside down. When I first became ruler I was proud and honored. Now I wish I had the chance you have, but my time is running out.” She probably meant that figuratively and literally considering that it about time her to retire from her position. Upon the Haven of Seven ceremony the ruler can choose to retire or continue to rule until her death.

“Eden I need you to find out who ever is behind this and punish them to the fullest extent of law when you become ruler and I want to be alive to see it. Can you do it?”  She sat up straight her glisten with assurance that I could get it done. I wasn’t quite sure if I could. Although her words were piercing. Her tone of voice today was something I never heard from her before toward me at least.  It was so sharp and cutting, yet very calm.

“If things can be set right and Skiania and Saletheia I will consider taking over. I will see what I can do.” That is all I promised because that’s all I believed I could deliver right now.

I bent down gave her a hug.

“I am heading to Montclair for a while to regroup. Stay well until I get back” I whispered to her before I let go.  Footsteps grew louder as they neared Alysia’s room.

“I hear them coming I better go. If they ask where I went send them to Othyian.” I mouthed to her. She nodded.

I open the window leading to the balcony and jumped.



Is Thursday The New Friday?! Shout Out!


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I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!! I have been so busy from work to school to working on the outline for POAH. I know I promised Thursdays was your day! Last Week I was thinking of making Friday Shout Out Day! for birthdays or whatever else. By the way ‘Pages Of An Hourglass’ Outline is finished. Yay!! 🙂 I also for this week only I giving a Shout Out to Janelle Fila for her review of Entrapment! For today is the new friday…lol 😉

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“…This story reminded me of a really cool girls’ version of Hogwarts. This was a kind of darker school with a lot of secrets that I couldn’t wait to discover, along with Sasha who seemed just as confused about her fate and future as I was. I liked learning about the school and the magic that was at hand as Sasha did, and I liked how the story was shrouded in mystery. Nothing was straightforward or as it seemed, which kept the tension high and kept me wanting to flip the pages to find out what happened next.” – Janelle Fila, Readers’ Favorite.

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